Why Cubase 10 looks like ableton why!!!!

Why Cubase 10 looks like ableton why!!!

this new looking… uhm … :confused:

I think Ableton is really clean looking. Cubase needed an update. It was a bit out dated IMO. But you can tweak your settings to your preference.

I don’t like the new transport look…

it looks a little bit like the latest Wavelab too which is something I thought they’d do anyway.

I don’t think it was dated. I think it was classic and most importantly, easy to read. Ironically, round, bubbly buttons will look much more dated than the previous version in a few years.

It looks 1000’s of times better than Ableton. Live is like working in Excel with tiny fonts…

I hate the change especially how they changed all the tools on top to be grey with white text I will be staying on 8.5 for now until some better features come

I think it looks great and supportive of less eye fatigue with its flat design with more neutral colour contrasts.

I think adapting to change is always a little difficult but I have to admit I much prefer the previous transport bar. It’s more compact and the new elongated one appears almost clumsy in comparison. As to the black background being easier on the eyes I think I would need to see some data to support that as I am finding the opposite, maybe its just me. Fortunately you can tweak it in preferences. I do not want to sound negative but hiding a track in the mixer also appears to take longer as in you have to highlight track-right click and press hide track a one click operation on 9.5. Lastly the bottom panel ie edit, sample etc takes up almost one third of the real estate and you cannot lower it on as on previous versions. If I am missing something here please let me know.

Meh. The flat look will one day seem like an old picture of yourself with a mullet haircut… Ugh.

new looking is a bit unnerving, the contrasts are uncomfortable, too much color!.. I prefer much the 9.5 look than this new in 10… to me this new looking its more like “fashion” and tendencies followed by Ableton and FL Studio …

I remember the version 9 days with an extreme dark theme. Since 9.5 they kicked it and the background is something like colored grey.

Why do they change things that don’t need changing?

Oh man Then you guys will really dislike my color scheme. I for one like it!

Looks a little toxic indeed :laughing:

I have found that by turning down the brightness on my monitor/screen has helped a lot in terms of appearance. I have also customized the color in preferences so I have that almost 9.5 look. I guess like roses it will grow on me :wink:


Actually I love much more the new look. Looks more modern and relaxing to the eye

I come from Cubase 9 and the new look does not convince me, it seems too coarse. It has lost elegance. But I’ll get used to it!

Well, guys (Steinberg) you took the Very wrong direction. It seems that at the next iteration of your “design” I’m not be able to recognize Cubase from Studio One (the worst DAW UI design ever). Flat UI is evil!

I hope that all “Flat UI apologists” are using this type of plug-ins interface

Because this one is the flattest one and very easy on eyes, it has only one tiny flaw - you have to read every word to find the parameter you need, and if you open up a couple of plug-ins you’ll never know one from the other until you read the names. But may be I’m wrong and GUI is outdated…
Have you ever thought why users were asking for plug-in pictures in the Media Zone? Because they don’t wanna read words and in this case unified plugin-ins interface is also evil, because if they look very similar it takes more time to find the one you’re looking for.
If GUI is as flat as in StudioOne or Ableton you don’t see buttons and knobs you see words (letters) and lines (borders), so such a GUI forces you either commit to memory or read your screen. But in our case “reading” is getting even harder because we have White symbols on “not so white” background, so it looks blurred. So, if we are for dark UI for my opinion Logic X is the best example of dark non-flat UI - all things are easy on eyes and very easily distinguishable.