Why CUBASE 6.5 64 bit use only 3,8 GIGA RAM?

i have a powerfull pc i7 920, c: ssd - d: ssd, 12 giga RAM and so on
Win 64 bit, cubase 64 bit when i opne a heavy project the cpu go to the maximum with little audio drop out but when i see the System performance i can see that cubASE USE ONLY 3,8 giga ram. I NEVER SEE OVER 4GIGA RAM usage.
I use only compressor and equalizer rreverb delay not synth or virtual instrument. Why cubas don’t use all RAM?

I have improve the disk preload from 2 to 6. It is right for performance improve?
Let me know bye bye
p.s.: the buffer was a 1024, the audio is in boost setting…

I’m guessing that is because Cubase doesn’t need more than that for your projects. If your CPU is at 100% and you’re not getting dropouts, then you should be a happy man :slight_smile:. Using more memory will not bring down the CPU load so it doesn’t really matter.