Why Cubase 6.5?

Rpesently I feel underwhelmes by Cubase 6.5 and have not yet upgraded. Ok s you have a couple of synths, but who needs a retro synth - of you need one then there KVR freebies are everywhere. Granular Synth? well maybe, but personally I have omni and absynth.
Is there anything else in Cubase 6.5 which is worthy?

This is no gripe as Cubase 6 is simply superb and i can wait for Cubase 7


Stay where’s happy. You might make a little saving where 6.7 is involved but probably not that much. Functionally, unless you stumble on something that’s really useful that you didn’t see, you’re right there’s not much different.

I think that the only thing now that is different between Cubase 6.0.x and Cubase 6.5.x is the way comping works.

Everything else in the original Cubase 6.5 upgrade (minus Retrologue and Padshop) have been implemented into Cubase 6.0.x via update.

Yes, and it’s a great improvement! And, money wise, the update from 6.5 to 7 will be cheaper than 6.0x to 7 (maybe the exact amount even), so why not get with the program right away?

thanks all
all fair points I think I shall stay where I am and spend the money on my dentist :unamused:

The new/old comping is good though…

Hi there!
Is there a source for this info? Would be interesting for me.

Thanks, Matze!

Yeah, been a while, but I found it: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19787&start=150#p125664

none of those synths have note expression though :wink: