Why cubase 8 takes more resources?

Hi I noticed that one of major improvement of Cubase pro 8 is that it takes less resources and improves performance.

When I’m on cubase 7.5, ASIO at 256 samples, not clicks heard,

but on Cubase 8 ASIO at 256 samples, I often heard clicks/pops, I have to use it at 512 samples, which there is no clicks/pops.

Anyone had any idea why and how can I fix it?


Could you provide us your system specification, please?

Win7 Professaionl 64 bit, CPU 4930K, 32G ram, etc…

I have Cubase 7.5 on the same computer, no problem at 256 samples. Furthur more, it looks like cubase pro 8 is setting the aiso buffer to 256 samples everytime I start cubase.

Thank you.

What is the ASIO Guard settings in your Cubase 8, please? What happens, when you change this settings?

Everything in Cubase 8 is by default. Asio Guard is set to Mid, I tried high and low, same thing with the clicks/pops at 256 samples

The Mid settings is the same, as the ASIO Guard was enabled in Cubase 7.5. So this is not a difference, sorry.

Btw: Could you see higher CPU load even in the system report? Or is it only about the clicks/pops?

Sometimes I clearly see a rise to max CPU load when I hear a click, but sometimes clicks just happens…


did you try to check your system by LatencyMon?

I checked, there’re some issues with wifi network adapter. However, when running 7.5 (same latencymon feedback), no clicks at all.

Plus, I really wonder that is Latencymon such soft o MAC used as many times as on PC? I really don’t want to spend too much time on dealing with system problems/compabilities and wondering to switch to MAC.

whoops… uninended clicks on the topic. This post may be deleted.

I haven’t recommended any similar system for Mac users (no need) ever. :wink:

you mean you havn’t recommended any similiar SOFT like latencymon for mac users ?

Yes, because there wasn’t need to do this kind of measurement yet. It just works.

Yes, because there wasn’t need to do this kind of measurement yet. It just works.[/quote]


Are you guys saying that there’s none of these C8 performance issues on MAC?

Not saying anything in general, but my Mac system works fantastic with C8, rarely leaves 64 samples buffer with asio guard active, set to high. Works even better than Logic x for low latency monitoring.

I updated my Fireface800 driver to latest driver, same issues with 256 samples, however, Cubase 7.5 is working just fine.

try these setting with your Fireface and Cubase 8, I have tested these with my system specs and a fireface 400 and it is good to go:

RME fireface settings:

WDM devices = 0
Enable MMCSS fo ASIO = Enabled


leave ‘Activate steinberg power scheme’ unchecked (disabled)

ASIO guard = high (hopefully clicks and pops are gone for you at mid settings as well with fireface at 256 samples)

Windows OS:

in your windows power options go to advanced settings:

USB settings:

USB slective suspend settings = disabled

intel graphics settings:

use maximum performance

PCI Express:
Link State power managment= Off
Processor power management:
Processor performance core parking min cores = 100%

minimum processor state= 100%
maximum processor state= 100%

I wish I could say the same. I love Cubase, but it is the least efficient of my DAWs when it comes to VST VS CPU performance. Like the OP, I’ve had to increase latency to 512 to avoid clicks and spiked out CPUs.

I ran tests with same plugins, same midi sequence, etc., on C8, LogicX, StudioOne3. S1 was the most efficient, then Logic, and a distant third was Cubase.

I want to emphasize that the test wasn’t formal. I put it together quickly because I was just really frustrated by the fact that newer VSTs were bringing my system to its knees with only 1 or 2 instances. In Logic and S1, this isn’t the case.

Drives me nuts.

Hi all,
I’m using logic x on a mac connected to a pc slave. I’m considering switching to cubase on the grounds that logic x performs poorly, and people with newer systems than I experience the same issues (laggy scrolling, redraw, general clicking) and it gets worse as a project length and track count increase, even with very few plugins inserted.

I’d like to put cubase on the mac, but I’m also wondering if I should run cubase on the pc and not use the mac at all based on my specs? Preferably would like to keep daws on mac.

Mac: osx yosemite, mid 2010 3.6ghz intel i5 2-core (allows 4 threads), 12bg 1333mhz ddr3 RAM, ATI Radeon 512mb, os/apps on SSD.

PC: windows 10, intel i7-5280k 3.3ghz 6-core (12 threads), 32gb RAM, MSI 1gb video card, os/apps on ssd, samples on separate ssd’s