Why cubase 8 takes more resources?

As much of a Mac fanboy that I am, I can say that you will have a better experience on your PC given the spec difference.

I think your problems with Logic would go away if you can update your Mac to a more modern machine.

Nope of course there are. MacOS is the same (it’s software and uses CPU, RAM and all the same as Windows) as Windows. You get the same crashes, the same nonsense just in a different way.

If you haven’t experienced any problems, I find that to be highly unlikely or you haven’t pushed it. I’ve owned 7 macbook pro’s I’m using the latest at the moment. And STILL get crashes, and the occasionally piss-me-off behaviour.

I work in Software Engineering, hence why I own so many Mac’s and why I use mac. They are ALL susceptible to the same problems.

Mac/Apple is NOT the leading standard. Just the same shit different box. Period. Anyone says otherwise is full of hot air and seriously needs to ask why they are paying such a huge sum of money for nothing but a BRAND!

** I use Mac for audio… can anyone who puffs magic stars about Apple explain why one would use MacOS (note: the Operating System as the insides are more or less PC) for Audio? Can anyone who blows the Apple trumpet explain why the OS is great for Audio/Video? Do the guys who kiss Apple’s ass even understand the underlying reasons why the OS is good at what it does BUT in no means is superior to windows?

That’s what grates me. I can stand and chat with audio/graphic designers and ask why they use Mac, the answers are clueless and they really don’t know why! I do.

Excuse what may seem like a rant - which it is - but I get tired of people blowing Apple’s trumpet when they are overpriced and anyone could build a FAR superior and much more powerful PC for 1/3 the price of the most powerful Mac (not just laptop) you can buy!