Why did I get a $5.00 refund for 6.5 from asknet?

Not that I’m complaining but I thought it was odd.

I just got a refund as well!!



You should have also got an Email with the explanation regarding the refund. This refund is for the customers who had a problem with the broken download link of the Cubase 6.5 update.



didn’t cause me a problem - but much appreciated anyway

I had a problem with the original download and I got no such refund!


Notice the date and time?!

No refund here either …

I had the problem but didn’t complain about it, I just waited for the ftp download to be ready.

Yes - I noticed I received the refund too but I had no email explanation.

A very good move from Steiny. However, seeing as I don’t need the £5, can I suggest we donate to a charity of Steiny’s choice?

I didn’t get a refund either…


yeah, 5 whatever doesn’t make it or break it. it’s a gesture. charity is better :sunglasses:

Didn’t get anything either, but it’s a nice move :slight_smile:
It was hardly a showstopper though, I was one of the first to download and I had 6.5 running less than 3 hours later iirc.
Combined with the excellent communication I really didn’t feel bad about it.
Thumbs up Steiny!

I just received the email a few moments ago, a bit later than everyone else, but at least I got it. I checked my online credit card statement and no refund is showing up as of yet, hopefully soon!

Nice gesture Steinberg, keep up the great work. Mistakes happen, but you guys are owning up and rectifying and I like that!

Yep, just got mine as well.

Mine too, Thanks Steinberg, every little helps.

Did we ever find out what it was for?

I received this email:

Dear Steinberg customer,

At first we would like to apologize for the confusion and the circumstances that were caused by our defective installer.

Please log in to your Asknet account. You received your login details via email.
There you can download the correct installer now.

To compensate you for the confusion, we will refund you 10% of the purchase price. This amount will be credited to your account within the next few days.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Steinberg Online Team

I would be happy if Asknet would just respond to my emails and send me a WORKING LINK so that I could d/l the upgrade I paid for a few days ago.