Why did they remove the Front/Back Toggle Switch?

I’m doing my first REAL programming project in N6 (So far, I’ve just been mixing or doing overdubs for projects started in N4.3) and besides getting used finding my way around the new mixer and all of those changes, I just realized that they removed the front/back toggle switch in the edit section!

I’d gotten so used to just right clicking on a stacked track, and scrolling to the top of the sub-menu to find which event I’d like to pull forward. Now all you get in that Highlight sub-menu is the basics (cursor, range, pencil, glue, etc.). I obviously use the cursor all the time and the range & mute tools a lot of the time. But the other stuff like the eraser or the glue tools are very seldom used. But that toggle switch got used a lot!

Once, I discovered the loss, I had a devil of a time finding it in the Key Commands so I could assign it my X-tra Keys pannel. Those macros were very convenient in N4 & N5, but with SB hiding all of the most used tools or access to them, the macros have become indespensible! Who wants to waste time going to the main menu and scrol through several sub-menus to access a tool that USED TO BE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS WITH ONE CLICK? What on earth was the logic for removing that shortcut?

Not sure I understand, Prefs-Editing-Tools uncheck Popup toolbox on right click.

Actually, you understood just fine. I completely forgot about checking the preferences. Thanks for the reminder!