Why did this appear: Edit Expression Map

I’m a little perplexed. This has shown up occasionally on my screen and I have no idea why. As you see from the screen shots, it appears on any screen I pull up. I manage to get get rid of it through trial and error.

Your browser appears?

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Yeah, it’s a bug, that’s been happening to me sometimes too. I have found the only way to make it go away is to fully restart Dorico, unfortunately.

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It’s the text banner which says [Edit Expression Map] and it won’t go away even when you tab over to other programs. Some kind of visual bug that will only go away after closing Dorico.

Ahhh ok

Thanks. Restarting has been the only way I have made it disappear as well.

It’s the same kind of bug that has been reported before. Some file names appearing above the Dorico page as some UI hint… and it does appear above other apps pages while Dorico is on and running in the background too. It appears at random, but usually after a long use of Dorico — which means it’s not easily repeatable.
The difference between what I experience and what you’re talking about is that this disappears as soon as I move my mouse arrow. Those “bugs” are precisely located at some regions of my screen (and I have not been able to understand a pattern yet).

Interestingly, a similar issue was reported in the Finale forum recently.

It may be a MacOS bug, rather than an application one.

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I’m wondering whether it’s a Qt bug (along with Mac OS), as it also appeared while I was working on QCAD if I recall correctly (but maybe Dorico was running in the background)

I’ve been seeing more persistent stray tooltips lately too, under multiple versions of macOS.

One similar thing …

… I notice in Monterey 12.6 is that merely mousing over the green button in the corner of a window pops up a menu of 3 choices for zooming, which doesn’t go away when you move the cursor, but must be dismissed either with escape or clicking something else. Obviously this was intended, and it’s helpful info, but the UI is intrusive, and I wonder whether it has changed in subsequent Systems.

Finale isn’t based on Qt though, unless they’ve rearchitected it more than I thought. If it was just a Qt bug, the same bug wouldn’t be impacting Finale.

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That’s good news! :pray: I didn’t read all the posts carefully

They haven’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

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