Why didn‘t the score editor receive some Love ❤️ in Cubase 10?

I already started another thread but thought this one deserves an own one.

We all saw the great stuff Steinberg has done with Dorico and it looks like a really intuitive scoring tool. Back to Cubase: number 10 in your version history usually feels like a big cornerstone and with that, I don‘t mean a complete overhaul, UI-change or a new audio engine. But the score editor in Cubase…I have followed Cubase‘s development since 1995 and went through nearly every single version my music software drawer can hold in amounts of cardboards and CD‘s which I have accumulated over the decades. This editor has never ever changed. It still has weird bugs and behaviours…it would take me hours to write all of this down. Has anyone ever tried to print a simple score sheet lately? It sucks. It is nearly unusable, feels outdated and antique. And it feels like it deserves an overhaul after so many years. I don‘t really need all the functionality Dorico offers. But it would make sense to implant a „Light“ version into the next major iteration that can replace this mess we have right now.

I remember seeing a post from SB, on this topic of the Score Editor, soon after C10 release:-

They’ve been speaking with film/tv composers and there will be ‘more coming’ in the next (Cubase) versions…

would be cool if there was a Dorico SE integrated into Cubase, and then whoever also buys Dorico, features full integration into Cubase just like ARA2 can integrate Melodyne

they‘ve been promising to fix the video engine, as well. so far, I am still missing that „replace audio in video“ option in the menu and have to resort to using other software, which is time consuming.

I´m writing all my sheets with Cubase and love it,
but yes since V 10 it got even more buggy, try to replace a bar with rhythm notation…

Yep, I know… good news is, somewhere else in that thread, the same SB Mod stated they’re actually working on that right now…!

I thought the best love for the Score Editor would be to completely remove it and start all over.


oh cool!

Well since they got Dorico right now, that most likely won´t happen…

That’s it!..keeping in mind any progress made in Dorico!!

But when: during C10 cycle or in C11 cycle?