Why dll not seen ?

I have a plugin freebie dll called Little Alter Boy by SoundToys that alters vocal files.

I checked my VST 2 path and most of my VST’s are in the Steinberg VST folder on the
C: drive and work fine.

But my Little Alter Boy dll is on a different drive (D:) than the default Steinberg VST’s. But it’s
path on the D: drive shows up correctly along with the Steinberg VST’s on the C: drive, e.g. both paths are shown in Cubase 6.5

However Little Alter Boy does not show up when I try to invoke it in the F11 VST rack. Other things
like Halion Synth show up but no Little Alter Boy even though it is represented in the VST 2.0
paths listed in Cubase (6.5) Artist.

So why can I not load the Little Alter Boy dll ?

I haven’t tried the obvious: moving the dll to my default VST path on the C: drive. But I’m curious
why Cubase won’t play it from the D: drive when its path on the D: drive appears correctly in Cubase.

Any reasons ?


It’s a VST plugin not a VSTi , try looking in the inserts instead