Why do I get this notice everytime I sign into the WL forum?

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 6.11.38 AM

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Yes I agree it is now very annoying. Once configured it should not keep asking again and again.


It’s not only the wavelab forum, it’s all over the place here .

So when is this going to get fixed??? It is very annoying…

No problem here.
Maybe un-log and log again.
Also, try with another browser, to see if there is a dependency.

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I guess someone at Steinberg actually reads these forums and fixed the problem. Thanks for your reply! Be safe and STAY HEALTHY!
We all need you.

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I have my browser of choice and no wish to change after many years of using it. It is a problem which has only started a month or two ago. Just for comparison with other users my browser is Firefox on Windows 10. Perhaps other users could detail their browser and OS types to see if there is any pattern.

PG – you are an admin user so the forum may treat your logging in differently.

Can’t see the problem anymore with
Safari 14.1, Big Sur OSX and MacBook Air
refresh browser cache, history e.t.c

regards S-EH

I had a reply from our in-house expert on the user consent system and he said that it may re-request your consent if there are changes to the service descriptions from our side. This is so your consent is fully informed.

He also said that Apple’s continued efforts to improve privacy controls in Safari may inadvertently trigger a consent re-request if there are any changes to the web domains on our side.

So, apologies if you see this pop-up again occasionally. Hopefully it won’t be every time!

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Not using and have never used Safari and it seems to be “fixed” for the time being. FWIW

Just saw here (again) like 1 minute ago…


I still get it regularly

Aside from previous answers, I think this may also be due to browser settings (Privacy/Security) being set to delete/clear cookies on closing.

Enabling it means the pop-up will keep appearing to get your explicit permission to allow installation of tracking/performance/data gathering cookies. Disabling means once consent is given, the cookies will install and sit there, actively sending data for many months if not years. This is regardless if you revisit that site or indeed even have a browser open or not.!