Why do I have to move to another track and back to hear any changes I made?

Hello Community,

if I make any changes to a track in Play-Mode (like changing the MIDI-channel, choosing another VSTi, or anything else)
I have to move to another track and back to hear the changes I made to the regarding track.
Is this a bug of (my) Dorico or do I have to make any changes in the settings?

Thxs, best,

Sorry, Roman, I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re reporting. You should find that any change you make to the endpoint is reflected the very next time you start playback.

Hi Daniel, ok, but I don’t talk about the playback, but playing on my MIDI-keyboard.
If I load different patches in my VSTi and put them on different MIDI-channels,
to compare them I change the MIDI-channel of the regarding track.
But the MIDI-channel doesn’t change before I move to any othe track and back the that one I made the changes to…
Or I load two VSTi’s in my VST-rack…
If I change the VSTi-setting of the track, I have to move to another track and back to the first one
to make the VSTi change.
If I don’t do that the change doesn’t occur and the first one is playing anymore…

Ah, I see. Yes, you have to start playback before those changes will be registered, I think.

Is this very practicable to start the playback if I want to compare sounds independent of the notes that are written in the staff?
And what if I start a new arrangement and want to choose my sounds, before there are any notes written?
That can’t be really was was intended by the developers…

By the way: I tried it, and NO, starting the playback doesn’t effect what is intended…
The track has to be left to make the changing occur…
Otherwise it stays unchanged…

Hallo, I test the sound by clicking with the mouse in the Halion keyboard, or load the Halion instrument directly into the aktive chanel.

Hi Bertram,

das ändert aber nicht wirklich etwas daran, dass die Vorgehensweise nicht sehr praktikabel ist,
abgesehen davon, dass man auf der Tastatur das Instrument nicht dynamisch spielen kann.

but that way isn’t really practicable,
and furthermore it isn’t possible to play the sound dynamically via the Plugin-Keyboard.

Roman, just to say that I’ve been looking into this tonight, and I believe we’ll be able to include a change in this behaviour in the next update, so you won’t need to re-select the track after loading a different plug-in to hear the new sound when playing on your MIDI keyboard.

Thanks a lot, but to be honest: I switched to Cubase in the meantime, because this software, which I have been working with for 25 years, is so advanced MIDI-wise that I don’t have to struggle with the weaknesses of Dorico-Editing…
Especially when it comes to MIDI: All the functions of Cubase (like quantizing MIDI notes, adjusting MIDI note lengths, etc.) are indispensable if you want your arrangement to sound reasonable… With Dorico, the amount of work involved would be far too great and far too cumbersome…
For someone for whom the numerous notation features are in the foreground, Dorico is certainly a fine thing… But a modern composer/arranger for whom the sound result of a mockup is of great importance will achieve corresponding results significantly faster and more flexible with Cubase… Apart from that, the Cubase Score Editor is quite sufficient for working on an arrangement…
It’s not for nothing that more and more people are asking for a combination of Cubase and Dorico right from the start… Even though Paul says that it’s only a few people, I think that an absolute majority would welcome the strengths of Cubase in Dorico…
Well, that’s what the polls are for, Steinberg sent via Email… What was the result?

Thank you for that, after decades with Cubase up to 10.5, Dorico is the light in the dark of the music software development for me. Despite my best efforts, I could no longer improve the sound of my last Dorico-projects in Cubase (for me).
Many thanks to the team for this effort.

Dankeschön dafür, nach Jahrzehnten mit Cubase bis 10.5 ist für mich Dorico das Licht im Dunkel der Musik-Software Entwicklung. Meine letzten Dorico-Projekte konnte ich trotz Bemühen nicht mehr in Cubase (für mich) klanglich verbessern.
Vielen Dank an das Team für diesen Einsatz.