Why do i have to re authorise every 30 days?

Dongle free…ok, but we have to let Steinberg look at our puters every 30 days, why? I buy 12 for what ever amount why do i need to re authorise what I have paid for every 30 days? with the dongle the gear is mine and I don’t have to check with big brother every 30 days…what if Steiny goes bust?

Why is it 30 days? Because that’s better than 1,2,5,7 or 10 days I would imagine?

Why do you have to authorise? Because it’s the new terms of license agreement to protect their IP’s.

No more dongle? Yippeee!

30 years seems more reasonable.

If that ever happened id eat my underpants BUT i’m sure the are laws and they would need to put something in place like that nasty Ben from Camel audio who sold out to Apple even thou he said it was against his religion to do such a thing … anyway im sure they would imbed the software some how for you to continue with but i agree with you 100%
Also it seems like Steinberg offering people a bonus of two activations if you choose the 30 days BUT if you choose to activate a 365 you can only activate one computer … That to me seems like one step away from a subscription enticer like other software companies offer

Steinberg are in a very stable position , if Yamaha don’t want them some other major company will buy them out , hopeful RME :upside_down_face:

Yamaha is doing well the last 5 years. Steinberg have not moved much since Yamaha take over.

Really so the new Score program and buying Spectral layers doesn’t count ?