Why do I have to select multiple events in order to cut them in the same spot?

Obviously if you’re doing 8 tracks, it may be quicker and easier to select them then make the perfectly aligned cut.

But if you’re just quickly editing two tracks? I have an idea for this protocol…

Just click-hold the cut on the first track which sets the cut point, and then drag down and release on the second (or multiple) other tracks and it will cut in the same spot, despite your shaky hand.

Further, if you did want to cut on an angle intentionally, there could be a modifier for this.


The above would be great for 2-4 tracks,
But it could be even simplified more if only two tracks by making use of the in between space between tracks events

Just hold down ctrl to restrict horizontal movement.

Huh? Have you had your coffee yet? :laughing:

Yes plenty ?

Maybe you’ve had to much then :laughing:

Just not really what I was talking about I think.

You’re talking about moving tracks up/down from track to track or lane to lane.

No cutting events on different tracks on the same spot.
If there are more tracks I would put them in a folder to edit them together.

Sorry, just to be clear.

-No events selected
-cut tool
-hold control, slice first track
-still holding control, slice second track

This does not have the effect you are describing?

Either way, my idea allows one handed multitrack mouse only cutting using a single click and release and no modifier needed and no selection needed.

The tracks in my example are in a folder - but editing is not always so simple to be making cuts in the exact same spot. It just doesn’t always work like that. In my example, I’ve slowed down my movements to show, but think about how fast it would be to make that edit I display at full speed.

So my suggestion stands and I don’t think your counter-suggestion is really relevant but I appreciate it.

So Sorry I remembered wrong.
Select the events on the multiple tracks, when they are selected use the split tool (or select tool with the Alt key hold down) and you can split all events in one click.
Time for some decaf :wink:

lol all good,

I just recently found out not too long ago alt+shift+click locates the playback cursor… so nice

This get’s me every time. Every once in a while I backslide to Sonar for some stuff and mentally “drop” my Cubase shortcuts… I’m always glad to be back in Cubase though…

It’s been a while since I’ve been in another DAW. Thinking of trying out Bitwig just for kicks.

Another needed thing similar to this is edit-cursor for the range tool