Why do I hear the microphone in the left channel? I want to turn it down

Hello there! I just started using an UR22C and I have one question:

I have. connected a microphone and no matter what I do the unfiltered clean sound from that microphone can be heard in the left channel. Like a monitor. But I would like to turn that down.

Then when I open up my software and put on some effects then I can also still the clean signal ind the left channel. But I don’t want the clean signal.

Is it possible to turn it down? I hope it makes sense what I mean. Thanks!

see: UR44c monitoring problem: input/daw mix?

Thanks a lot! Now the next problem is that I need the DspMixFx to fix the problem. But the dsp says “no device found”. I just made a new topic about that. Thanks again

SOLUTION: Hello there! If someone is reading this because you have the same problem then I can say that I found the solution: On the front there’s a knob that can be turned from “input” to “daw”. If you turn it all the way to daw, you don’t hear any of the clean signal. Hooray