Why do mono track stems bounce in stereo?

Can we please get cubasis to bounce individual tracks that were recorded in mono to bounce as mono?

It literally makes no sense to have them as stereo.

I agree. I brought this up with v.1 and it has never been addressed. Haven’t tried it in a while, but does freezing a mono track yield a mono frozen audio? I don’t think it did with earlier versions. This is important when you need to swap stems to collaborate.

Yes this is such a disappointment!

I might be missing something here but couldn’t you convert the frozen exported stereo track to mono using Audioshare? Just curious.

Im sure you could but its a pain in the neck to have to go and convert all my mono tracks from stereo back to mono. There is literally no reason why this should not have already been a thing in the app.

I thought that might be the reason. Fair enough. I see your poont.

In the meantime the Auditor Audio Editor app will batch convert in seconds and is a good aux tool for CB3. Well worth having.