Why do music frame changes reposition the titles?

I still find it strange that when I have a piece that covers 2 pages and manage to get all the music on a single page (by using the Make into Frame command in Engrave mode), the next piece flows to the position where previously the second page of piece one was was located. And as a result, the title of this second piece stays on the 3rd page above the last remaining system of the second piece. How can this be happening when every piece is created on its own flow?

I can’t picture this situation. Can you attach the project in which you’re having the problem?

Yes, here it is. Thanks for having a look, Daniel.


Thanks, I have the project. So which flow in which layout is giving you problems?

For example the Full Score layout that contains all the flows.
The 2nd flow’s title appears above bar 28 (page 3) of this flow when all flows are visible, but when I uncheck the first flow from this layout, the title appears on its correct spot above the start of the second flow.

I experimented a lot since I send you that file, so maybe things are different now, but in general what happens is that when I uncheck a flow, titles appear on the wrong spots in the layout.

You have modified the FIRST master page… I wonder why… Keep in mind that they come in pairs (Left and Right) for a reason… Dorico will use the right OR left depending on how the pagination develops. Master pages work as “placeholders” for page content, not as as replacement for real pages… I suspect that your problem will go away if you restore the first master page to the default and insert the Teacher’s Notes page as a blank page with a Layout Text frame.

But isn’t the first page only used at the start of the layout, or is it used at the start of every new flow?

At the start of every new flow, as long as the flows are set to start at new pages.

Ah, that explains things! Thanks for the clarification. I thought using a First master page was used to start a layout in general that would have a left TOC page (or any other kind of text) and the music starting on the right page.