Why do my audio tracks get different tempo stamps?

I (almost) always use my Cubase 7.5 in Fixed Tempo mode with my audio tracks in Musical mode. But when I record audio, the tracks’ tempos (as viewed in the media pool) are all over the place. This wreaks havoc when adjusting the fixed tempo.

If I set the tracks to the originally intended tempo in the media pool window all is well and good again.

But why the different tempos to start with?!? :confused:

Just a thought…

Just wondering if the template you are using to create these projects was saved like that? Maybe create a new one with everything reset as you want it.

regards :sunglasses:

The different tempos can be different parts on the same track. And it happens both in tracks that are part of my template and on added tracks. So it’s probably not the template.

But thanks for chipping in :slight_smile:

My recordings get stamped with the current tempo be it ‘fixed’ or ‘track’… I think Proc might be suggesting that your template is corrupt, you could try starting from an empty project to see if it happens there too.