Why do my vocals sound like they took in helium


So everything has been going great with Cubase. Today, I tried to play an audio clip I exported outside of Cubase. To do this I had to tell Cubase to release the exclusive control of my hardware. I did this and was able to play the audio and it sounded fine. When I switched back to Cubase it sounded like everyone including the music was on helium. Even older projects sound strange. Note, this is only happening in Cubase, all audio played in Windows works great.
I tried everything to reset the system back to normal but nothing is working. Any ideas

W7 64B, Cubase Elements 8

Hi, have a look at the sample rate of your audio-Interface/soundcard. It might be that switching between Windows and cubase as a Sound source alters it.

HTH, Ernst

Sounds like the sample rate on the project is different than the audio files.

Thank you, I’m not sure that was 100% correct but it got me thinking about the sample rate that Windows was using. It turns out that when I told cubase to unlock the control of the audio hardware it allowed Windows to dictate the sample rate. So, yes, there was a sample rate miss-match, it was just due to Windows being Windows. Any way, thanks for the great response, it lead me to solving the problem. This is why I love forums, you get some great people who are willing to take the time to help out others.

Thanks again!

Ellen, I just saw your reply. You were right on, that was exactly the problem. I had to reset the Windows sample rate then tell Cubase to take exclusive control of the hardware.