Why do my VST2 plugins keep rescanning?

I am kinda baffled by this one, as it feels like it should be a setting somewhere but I am blowed if I can find it so here goes.
I have v10.3.1 and the latest build of 12 installed. So far so funky.
After working in N12 (and making sure certain plugins that have both VST2 & VST3 variants installed have been ‘hidden’ in VST2 - unless the developers recommend the use of the VST2) and then running up 10.3 again (in order to work on an existing project) I see that 10.3 always rescans the VST2 plugins - I can even see plugins I have ‘hidden’ getting rescanned (Portico EQ & Compressor mono/stereo variants, for example) even though these have been hidden and even though no new VST2 plugins were installed in the meantime!
This feels wrong.
If it is on purpose can it get fixed?
Failing that - would there be a setting hidden away that only scans new or updated plugins, such as exists in Harrison MixBuss 32C?

Hi Neil,
Are the hidden plugins also disabled?

Not sure how to disable them. Did not even know this was an option but will go have a look.
I live and learn something new every day.
The really odd thing is that this morning I did not see this behaviour.

I only know how to temporarily disable (third-party) plug-ins in “Safe Start Mode”. But this is only temporary. If there is another method, please let me know!

The only way I know is to not so much ‘disable’ them as to literally take them out of the VSTPlugins folder and stash them away in one called ‘disabled VST2’ or similar

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Well, that’s possible, of course. :laughing:
But I thought we were talking about a method within Nuendo. That’s why I asked. :wink:

I think I might have misunderstood something above, so I’ll try to give some better info:
I have no way of telling which plugin it was that crashed the scanner - the only ‘disabled’ plugins (and I’m not certain that ‘disabled’ is the right word here) arethe VST2 plugins that are duplicated in VST3, and these have been hidden using the Plugin Manager.
Not sure if hiding is the same as disabling though.
This is where I got confused when I said that none were ‘disabled’ - some are hidden though.

Not to worry.