Why do my waveforms look so different?

I’ve had Cubase for about a year, but I was working as much as possible to buy studio gear, and didn’t really get a chance to dig into it until this week. I’ve been on youtube learning as much as I can, as fast as I can. One thing I noticed is that the waveforms in my program look different than the ones in the tutorials. Did I change something to cause this to happen? Is it the result of some function? The waveforms in the tutorials have a defined edge. Mine look smeared across the clip. I uploaded an example of what mine look like.

I’m comparing them to waveforms in tutorials like this:

Waveform Smear.jpg

This is a setting and you can change it under “File–>Preferences–> EventDisplay Audio–> Background Color Modulation”.

Background Color Modulation
When this is activated, the backgrounds of audio waveforms reflect the
waveform dynamics. This is especially useful to get an overview when working
with small track heights


Awesome! Thank you.