Why do some actions cause Dorico to "jump" to different parts of the score?

This may or may not have been addressed recently, but I’ve noticed this behavior before: I’m working with a large orchestral score, in Galley mode, and I’d like to (for example) insert two bars at the beginning of bar 7. So I highlight the barline where I want to make the insertion, I click the Shift-B popover and type in “+2”
Dorico correctly inserts the 2 bars, but immediately “jumps” me to bar 205, for no reason I can discern. It can be quite confusing when this happens, and I have to scroll back to where I was working. Is there something I’m missing here? And is there a way to prevent the jumping?

Thank you!

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem, Steve. I’ve not heard of this specific problem, but certainly it’s a class of problem that does exist with the program. If you can provide me with some more information, I’d be happy to look into it to see if I can figure out what’s going wrong. In order to investigate, if you could provide me with the project file itself, descriptions of what edit to make in order to reproduce the problem, and (very importantly) two screenshots of your whole desktop (so I can see the size and position of the Dorico project window, and the music within the window), one taken before the operation that causes the unexpected jump, and one taken after the jump.