Why do some pedal symbols not appear with brackets

Please see bar 50

the pedal marker does not show a bracket while the other do, please can you tell me why this is happening and how to fix?

thank you

ok I see now that when there is a line break it defaults to the symbol not the bracket. Although it seems weird having brackets and then all of a sudden symbols, am I doing something wrong?

Score Settings>Project>Notation Style>Miscellaneous>Draw Damper Pedal as


Thank you. I know about this but I wanted to use brackets. It dawned on me that Cubase uses the symbols when there is a line break by default.

Ok I see.
It’s either a bug or a bad design.
Pending a possible fix, as a workaround, maybe you could hide the pedal up symbol where it happens and draw a bracket manually.

well actually it makes sense in a way because if the end of the pedal is the first beat of the next bar the bracket wouldnt be so legible so the symbol with the PED and the asterix is better… I think it is on purpose and not a bug

In your example here, you can just move the Pedal up symbol a little bit to the left using the Start position in Infoline until the bracket appears.