Why do some tracks have a gray vertical bar on the left?

Some tracks have a thin vertical light gray bar on the right, but I cannot distinguish why these tracks have this distinction made visually?


Could you send a screenshot, please?

It is probably the remote controller identifier. Are you using a remote controller? It would indicate which tracks are selected for remote control if that is what it is. If it is, there should be a line below the controlled tracks in the mixer also.

Attached an image. It’s on the left side rather, not the right.

Sorry, had the wrong attachment! Fixed :slight_smile:

These are Audio Parts. Audio Parts “group” multiple Audio Events, so you can manipulate worth the group easily.

Irrelevant…was looking at the wrong grey lines.

Correct answer below (and was already given above in fact)

I see, I got it, now. You mean in the Track list.

This means, you are using any remote controller. These tracks are assigned to the carafe right now. If you use Mackie Control, 8 tracks will show this.

Odd, I do not have an external device connected to control it

It’s not necessary to be connected. It’s enough when it’s setup in the Devices > Device Setup > Remote Controllers.

What devices do you have listed in this folder?