Why do some vst2 plugins work better than the vst3 versions?

Hi :slight_smile:

I was wondering about this…

Example: izotope RX4 and some PA plugs:

RX4 Decrackler: Vst3 version -> as soon as i increase the quality level from low to medium or high, there are non-stop crackles and peaks and the plugin is completely unusable.
-> the Vst2 version of the same plugin allows me to increase the quality to medium and even high and works fine.
(I would use the vst2 version of RX4 and move on, but they are blacklisted in c9)

A PA plugin: same story… Vst 3 version gives me glitches (in this case if i do not increase the buffer on my soundcard to 1024 samples, it crackles n glitches)
-> Vst2 version works fine with normal latency settings.

Sooo… The questions that pop up are:

  1. is the vst3 version of the plugin coded badly?
  2. is it the vst3 protocol that is buggy somehow?

-> Is it that these plug devs that have forgotten something in the code or is it the vst3 framework?

-> these are the questions that pop up… Please feel free to suggest anything else that it could be…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Experience of the plugin developers with the VST3 format, I would say. Some developers create VST3 plugins the easy way; a VST3-wrapper around a VST2 instead of developing a VST3 plugin from the ground up.

Yes it’s mostly incompetence, they may have some of the best algorithms but fail to deliver a robust plugin.

They should now bring the update and compile with it. ( VST 3.6.7 Audio Plug-Ins SDK )

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