Why do tremolo figures not copy/paste like they appear in the original spot?

Working on a score with lots of tremelos, mostly like this:

When copy-pasting them, they come out like this:

Is it a tuplet with the bracket and number hidden?
If it is, then you will need to un-hide the bracket and number so that you can select the tuplet marking as well as the notes. Dorico will only copy what has been selected. If the tuplet information has not been selected, Dorico will treat the notes as “normal”(ie non-tuplet) notes.

They are created using half-note triplets and the Repeat popover command ///2
which I supposed auto-hides the tuplet information.
Interestingly, with signposts shown, they copy and paste correctly. So I guess this is the solution.

I don’t understand what that notation is supposed to indicate.


Yes, if you have hidden tuplets for any reason (including this style of notation), then you’ll need to select them using the signpost if you want to copy and paste them.

It is an unmeasured, 3-note tremelo to be played by the RH on piano

So, like bisbigliando but with one hand. I would just write that word over a whole note chord with 3 strokes. (I admit I was tired and didn’t notice the first image, which is less opaque but still I think non-standard.)

But the original question is a common one: How to select a hidden tuplet for copying. As Richard says, you can do it without altering the properties of the tuplet if you show signposts.