Why do videoexports get blue

Sometimes when I make a video export the picture gets blue, (inverted colours) it’s an mp4 in and mp4 out. Everything works and looks normal before export.

Currently, Steinberg’s video export only supports FHD videos, meaning 1920x1080, if your video is otherwise, you may encounter all sorts of issues. If it isn’t, you may want to re-import the video after “forcing” it into 1080p format or do only an audio mixdown export, then replace the original audio stream that comes with the original video without re-rendering (re-encoding) the video itself (for the latter, I created an easy to use tool called MediaER Pro, which also integrates into Steinberg’s ‘Export Audio MixDown’ window as a post-process).

Hope it helps.

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Righty, thanks for the clear up.

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