Why does audio change tempo when exporting?

So i was wondering why when i export audio does the tempo slow down to half the bpm that it was recorded at? I recorded a loop at 180 bpm and exported it… After it was exported the bpm changed to 90 bpm, half of what it was… Why does this happen and how do i prevent it from changing?

Do you use an external player to audition the exported track or do you re-enter it in your working project an listen?
What is the project’s sample rate and what of the exported track?

I re enter it into cubase, sample rate is the same 44.1


Does it sound different or is it some app showing 90 instead of 180bpm?

I bring up the pool tab in cubase and it is labled at 90 bpm but when it was recorded it was done at 180 bpm.

But does it sound different? I mean without musical mode on.

Without musical mode it sounds normal, as soon as i turn it on, it plays double the speed when I play it at the tempo in which it was recorded (180bpm)

I am 100%

I don’t know why Cubase inserts a wrong bpm but you can manually change it in the Pool to 180bpm.