Why does Audio Export take twice as long as Cubase 11?

One would think that after we all pay $99.00 to upgrade year after year there would be one
upgrade that didn’t screw up previous functioning functions. Audio export takes double the amount of time than Cubase 11. Exporting a simple Hi Hat track from Superior Drummer 3 takes 32 seconds
on Cubase 11, and 4:36 on Cubase 12 WTF. I won’t even mention how long it takes to export a 4 minute stereo mix.

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Same here! Anyone else seeing this? 12 also taxes my PC to the point of sounding like a hovercraft, where the exact same export in 11, does not. Would love to know what’s going on with this…

Same here, unfortunately. Very disappointing.

Did a test just now with a large mix and export (not “realtime”) as stereo WAV, Windows 10 PC:
C11 - 56 seconds
C12 - 53 seconds.
So the problem is not C12, but more likely something different in your settings in both Cubase versions I guess

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