Why does changing instrument remove the connected bracket?


I have changed bassoon to double bassoon, and the whole brackets attached to woodwind instruments are removed.
Is it intended?

Have you overridden the brackets already in Engrave mode? If not, what bracket and bracing approach have you chosen in Engraving Options? What other instruments are in the ensemble? Can you attach a project so that we can take a look and see what might be going on?

Yes, I overrode the brackets already in Engrave mode before changing the instrument. Honestly, I changed lots of instruments setting while working. I will send the file by sending a private message.


I also have found that the brackets are not propagated and changing brackets in the full score does not affect other layouts.
In the file I sent you, there are two full scores:

  • Full Score
  • orchestra (or Conductor’s Score)
  • without perc
  • vocal

Change brackets in the “Full Score” does not affect the “orchestra” and “without perc”.
Is this intended?

I would wager that it is. If for instance, I have an orchestral score with marimba, harp, and piano, and for some very odd reason, I’ve chosen to put those three instruments under a single bracket (with none of their individual braces). How should Dorico be expected to handle their individual parts? Should they each get a bracket? A brace? Nothing? Much better to let the user decide, methinks.

Of course it’s intentional that changing brackets should only affect the layout in which you make the change. Under normal circumstances there would be no sensible way to apply those changes to another layout.