Why does controller data show even though I haven't recorded any

Hello. I recorded some midi into my Cubase project and along with the midi events there seems to be some CC88 controller data recorded. I have not used my sustain pedal for these recorded midi events so why is there controller data there?

Maybe your input devices or the sustain pedal is broken and is continuously sending data? I had that with a mod wheel once where the keyboard would randomly send CC1 even if I didn’t touch the mod wheel.
on your MIDI/instrument track, insert the MIDI monitor (Inspector->MIDI Inserts), then you can have a look in real time what comes from your keyboard.

My mistake sorry. CC88 is not sustain. Do you know what this controller is and why it keeps recording data when I record midi? Has it to do with velocity?

Yes. CC88 is for “High resolution velocity”.

Well, this is where google is quite helpful…

Defines MIDI Continuous Controller 88 (58H) as High Resolution Velocity Prefix to the subsequent Note On / Note Off message.

High Resolution Velocity Prefix is intended to improve Note On/Off Velocity resolution while keeping compatibility with older instruments. High Resolution Velocity Prefix is intended to be used when 7-bit Note On / Note Off velocity resolution is not enough. In conjunction with this message, 14-bit resolution can be achieved.

So you have a keyboard that can transmit Hi Res Velocity. Very few instruments can interpret that (Pianotek, maybe some others) , so you might as well disable it.

Ahhhh I figured it out on my end too… thanks! I will disable it :slight_smile: