Why does Cubase 12 cost the same as previous more stable and functional versions?

Bro, I’ve been there but trust me, the issues are caused for 3 party plugins. My cubase 12 pro version works fine now by reducing the plugins I use to few chosen ones, and another thing, I never update plugins if they work fine, example: I keep using NECTAR PLUS 3.17 because newer version crashes cubase.

So, Learn to identify Wich plugins work fine and stay with them.

Hope this helps, don’t get frustrated. Happy Sunday :wink:

Last update made it more stable for me.
Before that, indeed, lots of crahses and no response from support.

Well surprise surprise, Steinberg devs removed several of my posts and put me in time out for a good chunk of time, leaving me unable to respond.

If no one is having these problems, why have people liked my post? Why do I get weekly mails from Cubase showing over 300 new posts every week with the vast majority of them being user complaints with the product?

It amazes me how many fan boys have time to jump and say no one is having problems. It’s like some of you are making money or getting kickbacks from Steingberg by policing, it’s brilliant. Clearly Steinberg doesn’t want users talking about this here or they will boot you for having a voice about how poorly a job they’re doing, and I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when this post gets flagged and deleted as well because that is apparently more valuable than being honest and getting honest feedback from people who are losing money from clients over the poor quality of this product.

Is your point solely to cover your eyes or defend Steinberg without genuinely acknowledging the problems real users are experiencing? Is that the only contribution you have, is not to care or listen? Then bravo, keep taking pot shots from your perfect world when kicking the rest of the users in the head. Great job, great value in that.

Hope they’re getting paid overtime for moderating the forum. No wonder there’s so many bugs. :slight_smile:

It honestly just baffles me. We’re paying customers, we’ve paid for a Pro product to write music and/or make money, we deserve to have this golden experience that at least a few other users are having as well.

And what? Instead what we get when we call out problems is shoved under a rug, bullied, and ignored. It’s like, really? We’re committed enough to the product to pay for it, the same as you, but if we say anything about the unhappy experience we’re having you’re jut going to kick us in the teeth, tell us to shut up, or just boot us from the platform? That’s your plan? Thanks, that’s so appreciated. I feel really welcome and such a valid part of the user experience now.

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Yeah, here is a moderator making my very point. You say anything negative about the product because of bad user experience, you get shut down by Steinberg and moderators.

Meanwhile, they are free to cuss at us and call us names, but hey, moderator rules to apply to them, right? Right.

Apparently the rule here on the forum is to keep your problems to yourself.

I’m calling you out on this BS. The forum is filled with posts complaining about Cubase, about the dev team, the marketing team, and the philosophy of the company.

you are welcome to participate here, and to complain about the program, but let’s be real. It’s not because you pointed out problems with Steinberg development that you were suspended, it’s because you tell others to shut-up, and behave like a d*ck, and have been unable to express opinions with respect.


I’ll close this topic.

@EnergyCrush Good-bye then.