Why does Cubase automatically set event start locations?


I’m on Cubase 13 Pro.
When I was on Cubase 10, when I selected a event (whatever it was) and clicked cmd+L it moved the start of the event to the cursor.
But since i moved on Cubase 13 it is the container’s sync point (or snap point) that is moved to the cursor and I don’t know how to prevent this from happening; I would like cmd+L to move the start of the container to the cursor, regardless of the sync points.

I contacted the support and after more than three weeks they gave me a fairly light response:

“The Key Commands dialog allows you to view and edit key commands for the main menus and functions in Cubase.
Further details are here available
Key Commands Dialog”

after that, another support person gave me another answer:

"The keyboard shortcut command + L has not been changed.
Please install the latest version of Cubase from the Steinberg Download Assistant.
Then, initialize Cubase preferences like this:

  • Close all programs

Display the “Finder”
Choose the “Go” menu and when the drop-down menu appears, press and hold the “alt” key on your keyboard to bring up the “Library” entry in the menu.
→ Select Library

Go to the preferences folder, locate the Cubase folder(s) (if previous versions installed).
Delete or rename these folders.
NB: It is important to delete / rename all folders, the current version folder and all others, from previous versions (if other versions installed previously)."

In addition to being incomplete (it does not tell me what to do after deleting the file…), I find this solution inelegant and radical.

I tried this one:

That is to say, start Cubase in Safe mode and choose “disable program preferences”, but in fact this did not change my cmd+L problem. To tell the truth, in this mode I had access to all my keyboard shortcuts, and a lot of presets…

When I read that several people have the same problem I don’t find it very relevant to delete my cubase 13 folder in the preferences, but I would be curious to know if you have tried to do that?

FYI, my installation of Cubase 13 was done from scratch, on a brand new computer and the only “trick” I did was to drag and drop the “Logical Edit” and “Project Logical Editor ” presets from my cubase 10 to the cubase 13 folder.