Why does cubase crash using a laptop on battery power?

Works fine while plugged in. 5 minutes using battery power, and poof! Disappears like it was never launched. This is a new Laptop. Same thing happened on my last laptop with 9.5. I trashed prefs and reset windows. Same result. Does anybody have any idea on what’s going on? Thanks.

Probably due to some windows energy saving options.

I just updated my GTX 1050 drivers and my power scheme is at high performance. Cubase last 1 min before poof! The strange thing is when I use my intergrated Intel card, it doesn’t crash… :confused:

Even though your power scheme is set to high performance you should go in there and check each setting for auto disabling of USB ports, hard drive shut downs, etc. And, these setting may be different when “on” or “off” of battery power.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks! I will look into that and get back.