Why does Cubase crash when closing a project?

are all of your drivers, plugin packages, OS up to date? Is it the 7.5 project itself playing in 8? You guys have to do more troubleshooting before blaming steinberg or anyone else for that matter. Good luck all.

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Well until you’ve done due diligence and ruled out the obvious, you’re not going to get much sympathy by blaming Cubase without concrete proof. It’s like having a headache and blaming your head. I’d also open a support ticket with Steinberg so someone can officially assist you in finding out what the problem is.

I just don´t get this “Stockholm syndrome” attitude that WE the CUSTOMERS have to do all the troubleshooting and fixing. :confused:

Isn´t that job for those who are writing the software and selling a faulty product?

How could SB possibly do this trouble shooting for everyone? With all the different PC/Mac system configurations and all the different audio and MIDI devices and 3rd party plug-ins out there, how could they POSSIBLY make sure that every situation works? As far as the “Stockholm Syndrome” comment, you do realize you are free to go at any time, right?

Licensetokill: I offered to send me the crash dumps, which are the only way to find out what’s happening.

Given I received no reply, I take that your sole purpose is to accuse and rant.