Why does Cubase do this?


I already have an icon pinned.
And Cubase creates another one on the taskbar.

Opening in a different version maybe? Idk… not having the same experience here (Win 10 and Win 11)

It can do this if you have multiple screens open at the same time. For instance on one screen the project window and on the other the mixer.

You probably pinned the wrong shortcut.
Right now I can’t test but you can try different things, like pinning Cubase when it’s open, or pinning the desktop shortcut instead, or pinning the start menu shortcut, etc.


The icon on the taskbar is directly from the Cubase 10 folder, which is ‘Cubase 10.exe’
Also, the second icon popped up when I right-clicked the existing icon and selected a recently opened file.
I didn’t open Cubase from a different place, nor it was a different shortcut.

And when you remove the pin and create a new one, the problem remains? (You’ve tried this… obviously?)

Remove that pin and pin a shortcut instead.