Why does Cubase Hang when loading my template?

Hi Guys,
your help please.

I’m running Cubase 10.5 Pro on a Windows 10 on a new dedicated i7 8 core Processor (with 32G Ram) Music PC.
I have a template that I have used for a number of years. Of course I have tweaked it here and there but I have a base template from which to build. According to the track counter above the inspector, I have around 70 tracks.

I have all my plugins and virtual instruments disabled in the template but when I load it, it is a toss-up whether it will load or not! It can take around 30-40s on a good day around a few mins on other times and just hang 50% of the time. Then I have to go into Task Manager and End Process and try again. If that fails, then I reboot and it will load the next time.

I have watched the progress dialogue every time it loads and there is no indication that it gets stuck on a particular Group, track, FX track, library or instrument, etc. It does get stuck and it will display the Group, Plugin, or track that it gets stuck on. As I said, it is different every time.

So I have rebuilt the template from scratch using Cubase 10.5 Pro the other day but I do not notice any difference! :angry: that is, it is still hit and miss when I load the template. BTW it is just the same when I load a project that was built from the template but takes longer… if it loads at all. :angry:

Just to be clear, Cubase itself loads in around 10-20 seconds, every time, so no problem there. :smiley: It is when I create a new project using the template. This has happened on my previous Music PC but I hoped for better on this machine.

Any ideas on how I can improve my load times? :question:

Thanks of reading


You can try to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode and start it with internal plug-ins only. Does the template open now? If yes, then problem is in any 3rd party plug-in.

You can also try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility to create *.dmp file of Cubase freeze and share it here to be able to resolve it and find out, what’s going wrong.

Thanks for your reply Martin.

Good point!
I think you could be right that it is a 3rd party plug-in. I’m only using two Steinberg plugins at the moment; REVelation and PADShop everything else is 3rd party.

How do I start

Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode

? :blush:

I will look into Microsoft ProDump over the weekend :wink:

Thanks Martin

I have found out how to use the Proc Monitor in Windows.

I have just created and loaded 12 new projects from my templates… this time they have all loaded correctly! Bloody typical! :confounded:
I will continue until I get a ‘Hang’ again and then post the dump file.


The very first Google result is the right one.

New in Cubase 10.5, you can start Cubase without 3rd party plug-ins.

Wow! I never knew this :blush:

Thanks again Martin, I will look into starting Cubase in safe mode and without 3rd party plugins, when I have issues. :+1:

It’s great to know. :sunglasses:

I did get two hangs today and I got the dump file but I couldn’t open them as they were 11.5 GB or so my OS informs me. From further reading it looks like I have to download and install a Process Monitor. I’m looking into to that now. :wink:

I thought I would update this post:

Okay, I’ve been playing around with this for a number of hours today and yesterday to try and get to the bottom of this. It is a real creative killer! I have spent hours and hours perfecting the right template for my workflow. Since upgrading to 10.5 I have suffered with this issue. It was bearable (just about) in 10 and 9 but now it is driving me mad! :rage::rage::rage:

However, my template has the the groups/stems all setup along with one effect (REVelation) enabled along with a whole bunch of VSTs already routed BUT… all are disabled apart from Superior Drummer 3. This template was totally re-written in 10.5 as I have heard of issues with templates written in earlier versions, so to be sure I have re-written it.

When I launch Cubase I’ve been watching the performance in Task Manager and I get the following:
CPU = 23%
Memory = 25%-30%


CPU = 8%
Memory = 11%

with 3rd party plugins disabled. so, no issue there. :nerd:

so it is looking like one (or more) of my 3rd party plugins… no surprise there really (as Martin said) but which one???

I have also run a Process Monitor while loading Cubase and I couldn’t really tell if anything was wrong because Cubase would eventually load.
I have made a ProcDump file and analysed it. I’m not sure what I’m looking for. :question: There are some warnings but are they normal or what you would expect?

PLEASE NOTE: the attached file is a text file of the analysed ProcDump file since this file was 10+ GB

Any thoughts?

Cheers and Happy New Year! :smiley:
Cubase10p5_DUMP.dmp (10.2 KB)


There is Battery 4 plug-in mentioned. Could you try without this plug-in?

Then there is PACE mentioned. Do you use any plug-in using PACE iLok? Make sure your PACE software and driver is up to date please. Also make sure the plug-ins using iLok up to date. You can also try to start Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

Did you find the solution to this ?
I’m having similar issues in certain projects ( see my threads )