Why Does Cubase Ruin My Creativity Every Time?

Saying it twice doesn’t make it more true.
You still have not given more information about your system.

I was a teacher and I know that fixation with the things you don’t like is a barrier to moving forward with your own development. Another DAW will give you different things to complain about and you will eventually build those faults into a deal breaker. For instance in Live you will be frustrated with the mixing and sound… Wait a minute I thought you were fed up with the Cubase mixer. I’m thinking frying pans and fire.

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Nice observation.

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7.5 is slower than 5.5 and 6.5

What is stopping you using those? And will we see you saying the same things about Cubase 8?
And “creativity”? Large subject. Is that songs, sounds, production etc?
Being a bit retro I always found that the least creative environment was a full fledged do-it-all studio. Always needs setting up, routing, tape decks, calibrations, leads to plug in, soundchecks… etc. and a simple tape machine or digital recorder did the job of getting an idea off the ground much quicker while an engineer wrestled with all that gubbins. I don’t see much has changed. Just an absence of the tape and tape decks.
In any trade be it plastering, bricklaying, shipbuilding it’s the preparation of the machines to get you to the end game that is 90% of the job. The creativity is usually always scribbled on the back of the fag packet.
And it takes at least 5 years hard slog on an instrument to get to the stage where one can pick up the instrument and get that crucial idea down in two minutes.
Just trying to put a little perspective down so things don’t look as bad as they seem.
Everything has bugs. Strings break, batteries go flat and software can be damn hard to set up.

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Hi All

Was chatting with a mate the other day and we came up with the principle of, “It’s the person , not the platform” which seems somewhat appropriate here!!

Best Regards


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And you seem to have felt the strong need to let us all know about your decision and greatly earned wisdom… nice… :unamused:

Donning my rose tinted glasses and getting back to work. :laughing:

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What??? The earth doesn’t revolve around me or you or anyone else?


How long hasn’t that been happening?

[Actually, I knew it all along. :ugeek: ]


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Humble! I Love it.

The only acceptable way to be! :slight_smile:

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An observation on the real world. This is where, if something doesn’t work you send it back, sell it or find another door to hold open. You don’t tell anyone, especially a roomful of strangers. You just do it.

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Absolutely! Today, we do not have computers that are not robots with the capabilities of self-repair. Until we do, one has to concede to the fact that it is only a machine, albeit complex. This means a certain amount of common sense and attention has to be given in order to maximize the ability and availability to use it. In the same way, one also has to minimize the risks surrounding any particular machine. A computer has many of these, since it is versatile. The more involved (hardware, software, features, choices, settings, etc.), the more risk.

Like a motor vehicle, :wink: if you do not take care, you will soon be seen moving around, pretending with your two legs and using your mouth as the (audio) engine. All the while, that one person seem to always pick a better car…

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With all due respect: it doesn’t.

As an attempt to contribute to the question behind your question: You might want to have a closer look at your personal creative process. “Flow” is something that Comes with attitude and an ability to relax when “technical” Problems occur. You may compare it to sexual intercourse: To make it pleasant you must not think of failure, even when you have issues from time to time. Otherwise you are getting into a vicious circle that drags you deeper and deeper into Problems.

Cheers, Ernst

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Backfire = this thread :laughing:

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The least of my worries is waiting for plugins to load, because I’m usually getting the system started up before I’m ready to get busy, for some of my projects take good time to get thru the samples (Trilian, String Machine)

But man I can relate to the intrusion of technical faults (whatever they might be or by whomever’s causing) that just get in the way of trying to quickoly express an artistic or musical (however you look at it) idea.

When I start getting a muse, I speed up, and I want to go fast, I need to be at the speed of my brain as it has a limited window for expressing a sudden gush of inspiration. This is the out-of body experience that I love, it is the resaon why I do it.

So while I may disagree with the OP, but for the way he frames his topic, sans using “Cubase”, the overall message is that we don not really want anything to intrude or interrupt the process. That is very important to me. I don’t get multiple chances and infinite time to get it out, and the second time around is often compromised, as you’ve just moved on to a whole 'nother section of the brain then, trying to replicate an original thought.

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:laughing: ah that’s a good Monday AM laugh

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Actually back then you didn’t “fire up” the whole studio, most of the critiacl elements, esp. the amps were constantly on standby or just simply ran 24/7.
So to come back to the OP, why not just let your DAW run 24/7? No boot time - nothin’ :wink:

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So many smug answers, you guys are awesome.
mpayne seems to get what I’m saying.

Still don’t think anyone managed to explain why it’s OK for professional software to have all the issues I listed in my second post though…

“Clearly your system has problems” NO, Cubase is the only DAW that has major workflow issues for me, there are other issues with other DAWS, like sound, but Cubase is the only one that vexes me with technical problems when I am attempting to be creative, not logical or problem solving.

“Was chatting with a mate the other day and we came up with the principle of, “It’s the person , not the platform” which seems somewhat appropriate here!!”
Yeah yeah, you and your mate are so smart, well done!
So, if it is the person, how come all the issues I listed would still exist, even if did not?

Steinberg fanbois and all round “lets be positive about EVERYTHING no matter what” robot hippies are par for the course, but seem especially prevalent in this thread.

Back to the issue at hand, rather than showing the world how much more awesome you are than me, can anyone simply explain why it is ok that Cubase has all the workflow problems I listed in my second post?

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Between workspaces and hotkeys for pulling up any window I might want, I guess I don’t personally see an issue that’s killing me here. Yes, improvements could be made, but I don’t think it’s been a deal breaker for the majority of us.

Again, my presets for inputs and outputs seem to load fine. Not sure what your getting at, but might be related to your specific setup?

Non-specific and something you would have to do with any software package until any bug was fixed. But I know… you don’t see ANY problems or bugs in any of the other DAW’s on the market… go figure. :unamused:

You can’t fix something that hasn’t been implemented yet… Although I do hope it’s added, macro’s get you 9/10 of the way there currently. And just because you didn’t benefit from an improved VSTi or any of the new features you might be referring to doesn’t mean someone else didn’t.

Totally subjective… For myself, and according to what I have seen on the forums, for others as well, the new mixer was something that helped speed up the workflow. Could it be improved? Sure… That’s what updates are for.

Great… Again, it’s a personal opinion and if you feel that way then that’s fine… Why the need to continue to let us know about it??? Some of us completely disagree with your assessment of the software.

Don’t know why I bothered as this one pretty much says it all… Yet you keep coming back to comment??? Go figure :laughing:

Your right, I am a fanboy of cubase. I personally love the software and have been an owner for decades. Why on earth would I feel bad about that decision. Do I have things I hope are fixed in the future? Of course… And if for some reason I don’t like the new version, I always have the older to fall back on. I have no regrets at all with cubase being my DAW of choice. Apparently, you have a different opinion. Why you continue to feel the need to tell us about it is a bit beyond me though. Unless your just looking for justification in your decision to move on!!! In which case I would suggest a different forum. :smiley:

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The POSITIVE side of this is that so many write to say that they are problem free which means that the OPs problems are actually SOLVABLE and once the root cause is known those problems are unlikely to evade attention by him when he sets up his next version or computer.
All we can hope for is that other users with similar problems will be encouraged to take a harder look at their hardware setup and fix any problems.
But I fear we’re on a losing ticket with nonlocal.

If I was really that angry I wouldn’t hide my griefing away here in this small corner of DAWland. It’s just where an unscrupulous company would want one to be if one had this big a complaint. :unamused:
We’re not smug fanboys. We’re only RIGHT. Which always offends. :mrgreen:
Do yourself a favour. Buy another DAW, don’t bother telling us as we don’t want to know. Just be happy.

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Yup, all DAWs have a ton of moving parts. It can be frustrating.

The shift from mostly hardware sequencers and external gear, to mostly in-the-box, traded firmware updates, hardware freezes, poor media quality and jams, sync issues and cabling nightmares, with plugin scanning, crashes and software version wack-a-mole.

80% of being a modern, DIY musician, unless you play glockenspiel in a make-believe Apple ad, is dealing with the sophistication of a recording studio. Always has been, always will be.

I feel your pain, but as someone who owns almost every DAW on Mac and PC (and beta tests for two of them), the grass is not greener, anywhere. Each has its pros and cons.

DAWs are rocket science – literally. There is more DSP math in one circuit-modeled compressor plugin, than the entire computational processing required to get NASA to the moon and back.

But hey, look on the bright side: if producing music were easy, everyone would be doing it (and well).

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The art and science of modern recording, looked at from a DIY perspective, requires one to wear an awful lot of hats! Some people just can’t accept some some of these hats just don’t fit!

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