Why does Cubasis 3.2 take up so much space?

iOs 14.3 is showing me that Cubasis 3 is taking up over 6Gb of space. All my user files add up to only about 1.5Gb (wav, mixdown files etc). So does Cubasis really take up about 4.5Gb of space or is there a problem with Cubasis 3.2 not deleting/releasing redundant files?

I do have all of the add ons loaded from the Cubasis 3 shop, but I can’t see why those and the app itself adding up to 4.5Gb.

How much space should be taken up by just Cubasis 3.2 plus all shop add ons?

Hi softbass,

Is it possible that the trash bin contains additional files and requires to get emptied?


No, the trash bin has been emptied. Do you know how much space Cubasis 3.2 shold take up with all the standard Steinberg shop add ons? Surely someone there will know?