Why does Dorico do this

Hi why does dorico do this and how do I fix it? I wrote the piece pretty much completely in galley view and everything showed fine, but when I switch to page view it does this weird crunch. If I switch back to galley view, everything is fine but I want to be able to print it.

Welcome to the forum @juurban2001

You have a System Break at the beginning. If you click it and open the lower zone, you will see in the Properties that the switch for Wait until next system break is switched on. Either switch it off or just delete the System Break.

The reason for this behaviour is because at some point you’ve selected music to be forced into a system. This creates a system break at the beginning and the end of that selection (which will become the beginning and the end of the system). You have then removed the final system break.

The first system break is still “searching” for it so that it knows when to stop forcing music into the system.


Thank you!
Oh that works well right away! Thank you very much.