Why does Dorico export stems with the video audio?

I just spent a fair amount of time exporting individual audio files for each instrument, only to find that every single one is imprinted with the video audio; I knew it would take some time, so I planned some errands around letting it do its thing, only to discover later that it was all for nought. I struggle to think of an application for this behaviour that is even useful. It would make more sense to export the video audio as a separate track. I’m aware I can mute the video from the mixer, but I don’t feel there should be any ambiguity as to how it behaves. At the very least, it would be helpful to include a tick box to give us the option (or treating it as an instrument and including it on the list). Just some thoughts. Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback. We could potentially add an option to the Export Audio dialog to allow you to choose whether or not the video’s audio track should be included, but I agree with you, I think, that it should be muted by default.

I have an issue in that the video audio continues to turn up in the wrong flow export even though I have tried muting, turn the fader in the mixer down , and even completely detached the video from every flow. How do I remove the video audio from the audio export?

You should find that muting the video’s output in the Mixer before audio export is sufficient to prevent the video soundtrack from being included in the export.