Why does Dorico make a dmp file when there's no crash ?

Dorico has started producing a VSTAudioEngine2.exe. dmp file in folder C:\Users\Mads\AppData\Local\CrashDumps almost everytime I exit the program.
There’s no crash and I can restart Dorico without problems.
Why ?

It’s possible that it’s crashing on exit. If you zip and add it here then we can take a look. We haven’t had any previous reports of this.

Here you are :slight_smile:

VSTAudioEngine2.exe.4904.zip (845 KB)

Hi Mads,

It appears that this is a crash in your AMD/ATI graphics driver (atio6axx.dll). I would suggest looking for a newer version, or perhaps rolling back to a previous one. There are a number of reports of other crashes from this driver (though it’s impossible to know if they are the same cause): https://www.google.com/search?q=atio6axx.dll+crash

Hi Paul,
That’s very strange - I haven’t touched anything and it started only a few days ago. I also checked what Windows auto update has done and there isn’t anything there that could explain it.
Anyway - I installed the latest driver from AMD and I still get the crash dumps. First dump after installing the graphics driver was 23 mb, the subsequent dumps are around 5mb.

Have you installed any new VST instruments/effects or made any other changes to anything in the audio subsystem of your computer recently?

I installed Izotope Elements and Izotope RX 7 Sep 25, but the dumps only date back to Oct 10. Other that that no changes.
Just to test - is there a way to stop Dorico from loading plugins ? - I have a LOT of plugins and you might be on to something…

PS - after installing the newer AMD driver Dorico has developed problems starting playback. I have to unload NP, load HSSE and reload NP to get it to work…

If they’re VST 2.x plug-ins, you could remove them from vst2whitelist.txt, which you’ll find in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine2_x64 (or a similarly named folder – I don’t have a Windows machine here to check the exact name).

In that txt file there’s only
Kontakt 5 16out

Any other suggestions ?

That list of plug-ins itself should provide no problems. Perhaps you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

File too large to attach here… - I’ve sent it to your email :slight_smile:

Mads, this is all very strange, we have not seen something like this before. Could you please post a more crash dump? Just to see if something has changed in the meantime. Thanks.

Sure - I have emailed a fresh crash dump + a Dorico diagnostic file to you.

You said that you updated to the latest AMD drivers, but according to the crash dump it is still the same version of the ATI driver. From the crash dump I can’t see the actual driver version, just the version of the accompanying driver DLLs, but they are exactly same as before. Could you maybe once more check for a new Radeon driver?

Hi Ulf,
The previous crash dump I sent you was done after I installed the latest driver as adviced by Paul - that’s why they are the same.
And it must be the newest driver since I had AMD check my machine via a program they have for this.
I have been using Dorico from day one with an older driver and the crash dumps first started on the 10th of Oct.
Are you absolutely sure that it’s the graphic driver that crashes ?

Well, that is the only conclusion that the crash dump leads to. When having it open in the debugger, it does not show much, no threads, no call stack, just one line that says it crashed in atio6axx.dll
Since I don’t have the debug symbols for atio6axx.dll, there is nothing else I can do.