Why does Dorico work so hard when changing instrument routing?

An update on this issue: we have isolated the things that Dorico 4 is doing differently than Dorico 3.5 in this regard, and in an initial test with BBC SO we have got the response time down to more or less the same as Dorico 3.5. The change will have to go through testing and so on, but there’s reason for optimism that this should be resolved in the next update.


If anyone hasn’t downloaded D4.1.1 yet, give it a try! The above BBCSO Pro test went from over 27 seconds in 4.1 to under 1 second in 4.1.1 for me.


Just tested this on my project - such a quality-of-life improvement!

Great work, Dorico team! Thank you!


In case anyone still has this problem, my resolution (tested in D4 and D5) was to save to a local SSD (NOT on my google drive hard drive) and to allow exclusive mode to my output device, which I had previously turned off trying to fix a different problem.


Smooth as butter now.