Why does 'Fold Tracks' not select Parent group track on close

Not sure if Im missing something here but;

I have my projects with all tracks grouped in 8 (old school tape/Live session box) eg vox/perc;/drums etc and use this by automating fold/unfold of groups for focus as part of the workflow

  1. If you have the mixer folder heirarchy synced with project, why is mixer view folding not identical to the project folding?

  2. If I select a track within the group (proj view) and project/folding/fold tracks, why is the selection released? Would it make sense to step to the parent folder first?

Focused Workflow -
I have all tracks folded and move down to a particular folder track and then execute toggle fold
I now navigate up and down audio/midi etc until editing’/checking is done
Now need to travel to another group so
a. Step back up to the parent folder
b. Close all folders
c. move to new target folder
d. Unfold selected and start again

This was a goto workflow in Live but its quite complex to get this to work in Cubase (just programmed relative to session box using python in Live)

Cheers for any help


The reason is, there are no folders in the MixConsole. So you cannot “hide” the channels this way. But you can use Visibility to do so.

Hmm I must be missing something; I am speaking specifically in the project window in this instance…and trying to do what I thought was a simple thing…all the components to do it are there but seems you can use object types eg folder vs audio as accessible types

Is there a programming guide for this or do is the api closed?

Im just so used to working this way…its a real problem if I cant mirror it because it makes traversing large projects simple and focused


but the operation type is mirrored in the mixer right zone…just not synced in the same way ie its dealing with a folder paradigm there


You cannot change this behaviour in Cubase.

Not even the handles to the windows/controls are exposed to eg Autohotkey which normally does the job if api hooks arent there.