Why does Groove Agent (Ch 10) play when my keyboard is set to send only to Ch 1?

I have a project wherein I have Groove Agent on a lane set to Channel 10 and Retrologue is set to Channel 1. My keyboard is a Novation ReMOTE 61 SL. The keyboard is set to Channel 1 and the Drumpads are set to Channel 10. I want to be able to play Retrologue only when I am playing the keyboard and Groove Agent to play only when I’m playing the Drum Pads, but that is not what is happening. What’s happening is: when I play the keyboard, both Retrologue AND Groove Agent are playing. When I play the Drum Pads, ONLY Groove Agent are playing. What am I doing wrong?

Not enough information…
make some screen shots for us

  • the channel settings
  • your midi setup

What settings would you need? I can report them to you.

Is Groove Agent playing patterns or one-shots?

Instrument (One Shot)

Okay, that shoots down this idea. I was wondering whether you need to switch on Use Pattern Midi Ports for Pattern Pads in GA, but I don’t think that’s it. FWIW, this setting is toggled with a switch under pad 1 when you have the pattern pads showing in GA.
Hope you figure it out.

your MIDI inputs to the MIDI strips show “All MIDI Inputs”
so all instruments get all data… shouldn’t this be separated to the single instruments?

What does your MIDI port setup look like?

You can only pick the MIDI Port (i.e. device) from the track inspector, however you can further filter by channel using Input Transformer.

An example, i.e.:

You can also modify velocities and much more advanced stuff using the transformers too, so if your pads weren’t throwing out enough velocity you could filter for Ch10 and apply more velocity all within the same preset - and save it for future use.

That sounds interesting-I’m going to try it. Thanks!