Why does it sound like this? (Cubase LE7)


So I recently set up my Cubase LE7, and it seems to be everything I have been looking for in music software.

I have connected my Scarlett Studio and my electric guitar and everything looks fine and I’m able to record. However - the sound is really strange.

The drums sounds fine, but the synthesizers and other instruments sounds very… reverb-y.
It’s a horrible reverb and it sounds like the sound is bouncing back to me. The sound just get mushed together in all reverb if I for example take two chords right after eachother.

I don’t really know why this happens? There is no strange settings or anything. I’ve tried to just open the Dance production just as it is, but that strange sounds is still there…

What is wrong? I guess it’s something with the sound card. The settings looks fine to me though. Help! :frowning:

Hi Maria: Is there a Delay---- maybe there’s to much Latency with your Scarlett Studio buffer setting’s :question:
IMO I always use Low Buffer setting’s when Recording,
Then change them to High setting’s for mixdown. :wink:

If the Above is not the problem—have you
tried to do a song by choosing “Empty”
instead of Dance production.
Maybe there’s to much Reverb in Dance Production.
Try using your own Reverb settings :wink:
Of course you could try turning the reverb sends down in Dance Production :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: