Why Does It Tell Me 'No More Encodings' When I Try Exporting


I purchased Cubase LE AI Elements 7, I’m trying to export an audio mixdown to mp3, when I go to do it there is something about licences, then when I click OK it just gives the stupid message ‘No More Encoding’ and no other info. Meaning what? The mp3 file is instantly created in the desired location, except it is absolutely empty at 0 bytes. I thought I had purchased the product and that was that. Can someone please let me know?

LE/AI/Elements versions do not include unlimited MP3 exports. You can export to .wav or buy the mp3 patch for about $15 in the online shop.

So which one is it? Cubase LE, Cubase AI, Cubase Elements? They are all different packages. AI is a free version included with purchase of another article like an audio interface etc. and can’t be purchased separately.
In all of these packages however, I believe the MP3 encoder is limited to a maximum of 20 encodings or 30 days from purchase - says so in the manual. So you’ll need to get an upgrade.

My invoice shows Cubase Elements 7 (Full Version). On my desktop the icon is ‘Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit’. Thanks, I’ll try to purchase what I need to.

Great, so I went to verify the mp3 extension, and when I tried to it said it couldn’t because the time and date settings on my computer were wrong. Complete BS, but I went into the settings and changed them to what I think the program thinks it should be anyway. Now I can’t get back to the authentication stage, whenever I try to reopen the installer instead it just stops, and I can’t find the mp3 extension using the search function on my computer.

I fixed it, for some reason the time ZONE settings for my laptop had changed from when the last time I fixed it (when I was having another problem with Elements.

I’m having that issue with Elements 8.0.35 - and I’ve had the MP3 purchase for years…it happens randomly.

Still on 10.10 on the Mac.