Why does loading fail?

I can not understand why the file can not be loaded

I have the same problem. I’ve been trying to download Halion 6 Trial version, but the Steinberg Download Assistant keeps giving me an error. I am currently on tour in China, so perhaps the internet service in the hotel is to blame (although I’ve downloaded tons of stuff here).
But I noticed the Download Assistant behaves kind of weird. Every time I get an error and press the Retry button, the progress amount diminishes by a couple of gigabytes. Even though at some point I managed to get to around 25 Gig (of 28 Gig) I am now back at 10 Gig after a few errors. I mean this way I’m not gonna be able to download anything :confused:
I would really like to get my hands on a trial version before I buy the HAL 6, so I am looking for a solution.
My hotel is using a VPN server based in Hong Kong. Could this be a problem? I have another VPN, and I tried to switch servers, but then I get another weird error message from the Download Assistant…
I would appreciate any suggestions.

I’m having the same problem. Have downloaded Steinberg Download Assistant, but when i try to download Halion 6 it just comes up with failed. Is there a bug with the Downloader? I payed for the full version and now can’t use it.
am using a 64bit PC 32 gig RAM, and windows 10.

if anyone can help i would be really grateful


Guys I’ve just been playing around with the settings and if you don’t point the file to a hard drive it automatically defaults to a non hard drive file

click settings - Choose location will automatically be set to 64PC then choose a hard drive it should then work when you try to download.