Why does my Cubase Artist 13 not upgrade to Cubase Pro 13?

I have just paid for the upgrade from Cubase Artist 13 to Cubase Pro 13, the code has been acitvated in the Download Assistant and I have downloaded all the new content. But having reinstalled cubase it is still openeing as Artis 13.0.20 instead of Pro 13.0.30, why is it not updating to Pro? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks Vince

Hi Vince,

Could you please open the Steinberg Activation Manager and check if Cubase Pro 13 is activated on your system?

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Yes. it’s highlighted in Red and shows all the content and is version 13.0.30 - it shows in my product downloads section.

Yes. it’s highlighted in Red in my product downloads section and shows all the content. It is version 13.0.30.

No, Matthias is talking about Steinberg activation manager, and not the Steinberg download assistant.

Ah, OK, I’m just opening that -

Took a while but I have activeated that in the Activation Manager. Should I now reload the downlaoded exe file?

Yeah! Success. That seems to have worked, Thanks Makumbaria and Matthias much appreciated. Cheers Vince

One final question, would you recommend installing the existing Artist files again or only do that if there is an issue later? Thanks Vince

No need to reinstall. Run Cubase (check the splash screen in the beginning to see if it is Artist or Pro running).

Yes, it’s the Pro version all seems to be working with the previous audio set up and VSTs still available, thanks Makumbaria, all the best Vince