Why does my inserts sound better than sends?

When I apply EW Spaces to an insert slot it sounds better than if I put the same reverb as a send fx. I don´t get it. Shouldn´t they sound the same?

I really want to put the reverb as a send fx to save CPU and use it in other tracks too, but I can´t since it sounds better straight in the insert slot.

Inserts and sends are very different. Inserts make the changes to the audio. Sends are like putting the effect ontop of the audio. So volume changes, panning, and so on won’t change the amount of a send on a track. But an insert effect becomes part of the track and it’s mix level adjusts according to changes made to your event. Make sense?

Of course volume changes will change the send amount (given postfader sends are used which is usually the case with FX).

Yeah sure. Wish I could use only inserts, hate those sends! But unfortunately it takes too much CPU.

I tried everything to make that send work. I was adjusting everything. Input level, wet/dry, post fader, volume, but that insert slot just sounded better and gave that sound a nice pre-delay effect. The pre-delay effect was not at all in the send fx, even when the actual preset had 81ms pre-delay. Really weird.

Yep. Inserts do sound better and you pay for it in CPU!!

Yeah, you know what I mean. Volume changes will change the send saturation, but won’t change the send level in proportion to the track if that makes sense.

??? Doesn’t make any sense to me. And I thought I knew “everything” about inserts and sends after using them for 30+ years. Could you pleas explain?

Makes no sense at all :confused:

Oops, skipped over this one.

That’s just my simple reiteration of the related discussion on GS. For some reason, I can’t find that thread for the life of me!! I can’t really give a good explanation, cause I don’t really know much about it myself. Was just thinking I would pass on what I found (true or false) at GS about a week ago.